Tank - Design and calculation

Tanks for transport of dangerous goods by roadHeat exchanger for cooling systems with TornadoFlow-TubesExample: Pressure vesselDished head with opening acc. AD 2000-B 3Example: Sterilization vesselDesign and calculation of pressure vessels and heat exchangers to AD 2000 leaflets and Pressure Equipment Directive

Design and calculation according to DIN EN 13445

Drafting and preparing all necessary documents for a design review

Application of other recognized rules of technology (eg FEA - Calculation)

EC - Declaration of Conformity, CE - Marking

Unpressurised container sizing according to DIN 4119, DIN 18800

Compliance with all safety requirements

Heat exchanger for cooling systems

Tanks for transport of dangerous goods
Calculation and construction of tanks according to ADR / RID (DIN EN 14025)
Explosion pressure shock resistance according TRT 006

Calculations and auditable records for tanks for the carriage of dangerous goods by road

Admission procedure for the type of tanks for the carriage of dangerous goods by inland navigation (dangerous hazardous goods by road and rail), ADR / RID

BAM - Conformity Assessment (Federal Institute for Material Testing)
Analysis and classification of tanks
Material analysis / material selection to BAM in 2007
Compilation of the tank code

Calculation and construction of tanks according to ADR / RID

Distribution of mass detection

Tilt and stability analysis of the tanks with the dangerous goods vehicle

Calculation / verification of the explosion pressure shock resistance of the tank according to ADR / RID TRT 006

Cleaning of small, decentralized storage tanks with diesel oil or hot water

With the explosive products is inerted tank room, the atmosphere and monitored by a monitoring station online

The individual units and modules are all driven hydraulically by the PTO of the driving machine

All necessary facilities for the cleaning tank are integrated in a vehicle

Calculation process in accordance with DIN EN 14025
Kipp stability analysis for ECE-R111 according to ADR / RID
Portable tank washing and cleaning vehicles for the cleaning of storage tanks